I miss the summer. I miss the moment when everything was okay, when you were with me.
    I miss the colours of the trees, the smell of the flowers, sounds of waves in the sea.
I miss looking through the sky searching you, whishing you where here... I miss doing it with a reason.
    I miss the long days and the long nights chating, smiling, laughting like if nothing could hurt us. I miss the no-ending callings at night. I miss your face in my screan. I miss your smile, yours “I love you", yours “don't worry my love, I'm here". I feel alone without you.
    Nothing has sense; I knew it hadn't sense before, but I didn't care about it.
    I miss all the lovely things you used to say. Your voice... How I miss your voice. You can't imagine.
    I know you're still here, but with all of it...
I miss you.

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Comenta todo lo que quieras, tanto bueno como malo; pero siempre respetando por favor.
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