Lovely Summer

What? It's already september? It can't be posible...
Lovely summer, you know everybody likes you so, why do you go away so fast? C'mon stay a bit longer, everyone's gonna miss you if you go... 
We don't want to start our boring rutine, waking up early, going to the school or to our job, listening to boring people, because we all want the same, holidays. And dear summer, you are the king of the holidays. We don't like to do all the days the same things, at the same hours, talk to the same people... 
Please! Go slowlier in our lives... It's horrible to wait so long and  shout again: "it's summer!" No! If you stay, we don't have to shout thiis anymore, so please... Let the people know that it isn't september, that it's just... a strange month and a beautiful day we are gonna wake up and voilà! it's juny again. Don't you think it's a good idea? 
Just... don't go... lovely summer, we all love you. 

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